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Mobile Applications for businesses

More and more businesses are developing mobile applications for their businesses and it’s no wonder with millions of apps being downloaded every day and smart phone popularity growing. The Telsyte/AIMIA’s Digital Nation Report forecasts 87% of Australians will own a smart phone by 2015.

Most of the big companies have developed their own apps already. You can pay for goods and services with an app, find the cheapest drink within your vicinity, find the nearest taxi and check yourself in at the airport.

Even the local coffee shops have seen the development and success of the loyalty coffee app, which replaces the traditional card which was stamped.  Now customers collect loyalty points on their phones. Smart phones are slowly replacing our wallets and purses, with the evolution of mobile apps.

An application can be an extension of your business allowing your customers to make purchases, compare prices and a whole host of other benefits. A mobile app can bring another dimension to your business and help your business grow and develop.

Do you know the importance of where your website is hosted?

Selecting the correct web hosting company is very important to your business especially if your website is vital to your business, because they basically hold all the cards in regards to your online business. You need a company that’s reliable, has fast connections and has good customer support. Many Host servers are not located in Australia. When selecting a hosting company they should have 24hr support line and should have near perfect uptime on their current sites. Your website needs to available 24 hours 7 days a week. A hosting company should be able to give reliable hosting packages with numerous email address e.g.

If you are a new business or just getting online selecting your domain name is very important. If your business name is already taken you should look for one which is meaningful and easy to remember. It should relate to your business either including some form of your business name, product or service. You should even consider finding out which domains are available before you decide on the name of your business if you are just starting out. Selecting a good domain name will also have impact on search engine optimisation.

If find a domain you are happy with you may consider purchasing additional extensions such as .com, .org and .net. You may also consider buying abbreviations of you businesses name. You can even buy a domain without hosting it and find a reliable company to host your website.

Do you realise the importance of having quality content on you website?

Having well written, interesting and relevant content is fundamental to any website not only from the sites visitor’s point of view but also from the search engines. All content which is written for your website must be optimised for the ‘search engines crawls’. Optimising the content is the process of making the copy readable by the search engines, so that they know what your site is about and so it can be found in the search engines. You can however over optimise your site! So you need to find the right balance in terms of optimising for the web crawlers and making the content readable and interesting for a user.

Selecting the relevant keywords for your site and placing them throughout the copy is what the search engines look for when they correspond to the keywords a user searches for. These keywords should appear naturally in the copy within the site.

Essentially good copy writing is all about engaging with your customers, good copy will improve your site overall and if done correctly you will not only drive traffic to your site you also convert this traffic in leads and sales.

Websites which have good quality content stand a far better chance of appearing in the search engines natural search. You might not see copy writing as an investment, but in the long term it can be very beneficial to your overall marketing strategy.

You want to find a copywriter who can add value to your business and your brand. The customers are going to make a decision when reading through the copy. A good copywriter will create interesting, unique and relevant copy that will also drive users to your site when used in conjunction with an SEO strategy.