CitiBusiness is a unique e-newsletter that provides people working in the City of Sydney, up to date information on the latest Business & Technology news. It is an informative newsletter which provides the reader brief and easy-to-read articles about City life.

We bring you information on current technology developments, business news and also Law and HR in the city. The newsletter target market is professional people working in Sydney, from small right through to large businesses. CitiBusiness provides essential information on Business start-up, all the articles give excellent advice on how you can start your business, where to start, what steps you must take, what legal and HR implications there can be. With professional people working in and around the city, at some point everyone will need information regarding the law, whether it is a large business dispute or a small personal matter, with CitiBusiness you can keep up to speed with the latest in City Law.

CitiBusiness allows readers also to monitor the current developments in HR giving advice and information to employees as well as employers.  Looking at articles right from employing good staff through to HR issues that arise in general day to day business. You can access this from your computer, laptop or mobile device, content will be delivered in an interactive format that is suited to you. “CitiBusiness is really the ideal newsletter for all business professionals in the “Citi” wanting to keep upto to date with Business Technology life in Sydney”

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