Quality Links to your website can generate more traffic and business

Do you realise that good quality links from other domains will get you more traffic to your website? Relevant links pointing at your site from well-established websites, will give your website more credibility and help towards optimising for the search engines.

You must try to establish links on valued sites, leave comments on sites and link them back to yours. You must build up an online presence and if you become recognised as an expert within your field this will build your online reputation.

You can actually buy links, but this is very risky as the search engines don’t like you buying links for gaining higher rankings. The links will be pointed at your site, the thing with doing this is the search engines can recognise these as the anchor text as it is often the same text. Also it’s very obvious if your site suddenly has hundreds of links overnight. Links need to be relevant and contextual.

The best links are the ones that you can build naturally. You should be aiming to get links to your site from similar sites to yours. When linking to your site don’t just stick to article sites, think about building relationships, guest posts and partners. Think about the anchor text and the articles and stay clear of cutting corners by buying vast amounts of unreliable links.

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