The importance of online branding

Having a strong online brand identity is imperative in today’s competitive online market and often first impressions count for a lot. You want to build a strong online reputation from the ground up and be remembered.

You still see businesses which don’t have their own email addresses and they are still using or This does not look very professional, especially if you are using it in marketing material and on business cards etc. All businesses should at least have their own email address Some people will even avoid doing business with these businesses!

As well as having your own email, think about your email signature. It’s important to have a well designed signature on your emails, having a smart, clear signature will be remembered by people and it also looks very professional.

Your online brand is very important as everything we do influences people’s perceptions. People see your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, websites, email addresses etc. These all combine to build your online profile. So always be aware of the perception you are creating for your business!

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